The Kimberly™ Wood Stove

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Kimberly™ wood burning stoveThe ULTRA efficient, Made in America, stainless steel Kimberly™ wood burning stove is the Piéce de Résistance you are looking for to help you get off the grid!

The Kimberly™ gasifier wood burner is perfect for your cabin, boat, RV, camper, yurt, cabin, tree house, tiny house, sauna, or other tight spaces that need cozy dry heat which comes from burning wood…. Tipping the scale at just 56 pounds, the Kimberly™ stove can be easily transported from one location to another.

The Kimberly™ wood stove was designed by the team at Unforgettable Fire, LLC on Vashon Island, Washington, and is manufactured and assembled in southern Oregon from precision cut American made stainless steel.

Utilizing a process similar to Exhaust Gas Recirculation used in vehicle engines, the Kimberly™ wood stove is more of a wood gasifier than a classic wood stove. The thermodynamic principles within the stove ignite the wood gas within the exhaust as a secondary source of fuel to increase heat output, lower emissions, and improve overall efficiency. We recommend that you burn dry hardwoods or additive-free compressed sawdust logs for best results.

A Compact Design Of The Kimberly™ Wood Stove

Boasting a 10-inch diameter cooktop, the Kimberly™ Gasifier Wood Stove fills a footprint of only 22-inches x 39-inches, and requires only 6-inches of clearance to side wall combustibles, a 12-inch clearance to back combustibles, and 18-inches in front of the door.

Stats From CSA/EPA Wood Stove Testing

  • CSA/EPA particulate emissions of 3.2 grams/hour.  (EPA Standard is 7.5 grams/hour for non-catalytic wood stoves)
  • Thermal output 40,000+ BTU/hour.
  • CSA/EPA Certified and UL-Listed to vent with 3″ stainless steel lined double wall all fuel pipe with appropriate Class A ceiling box.  See the Kimberly™ stove owner’s manual for details.
  • Side wall clearance to combustibles without wall protection; 6 inches.

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