The Katydid™ Wood Burning Stove

katydid-wood-stoveThe Newest Wood Stove Heater

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Based on the same gasifier wood stove technology as the better known and smaller Kimberly™ stove, the Katydid™ stove is expected to roll out in Fall 2014, just in time for the next heating season.

Katydid™ wood burning stoves were engineered to produce up to 85,000 BTU and heat up to 2500 square feet of well insulated space.

The Katydid™ wood stove heater is manufactured from American-made black steel in southern Oregon and measures 12 x 12 x 32 inches.

Semi-portable at approximately 150 pounds, the team at Unforgettable Fire expects that the Katydid™ gasifier wood stove heater will beat the CSA/EPA efficiency of her sister, the Kimberly™ wood stove heater, but will require a greater clearance.

Although Katydid™ will retail at $4145.00 CAD, your total installation costs are likely to be similar to other wood burning stoves costing far less. That’s because Katydid™ will vent with 4-inch pellet stove pipe rather than Class A chimney pipe, which is far more costly. Even better, because Katydid™ makes better use of her fuel, proven by particulate emissions less than 1 gram per hour, your heating needs will require less wood. That means less work cutting cord wood and more time for family and friends.

Highly Efficient Wood Burning Stoves

Check out the Alliance for Green Heat Wood Stove Decathlon, sponsored by Popular Mechanics magazine to learn more about the efficiency of the Kimberly™ wood stove heater and the technology that separates Kimberly™ from other wood burning stoves on the market today. From there, you might determine the level of performance you can expect from the Katydid™ wood stove.

If you’re looking at wood heaters for homes, look no further.  Contact us at Iron Ash Sales, Inc., your Canadian Katydid™ stove dealer, for more information on this highly efficient wood stove model.